Edible oil trends

Category:-Veg oil | 19-Sep-2023 09:22 AM

The initial trend of KLC is of decline today, which has an opening of -41, there was a decline in CBOT Soya Complex last night, Malaysia's palm oil stock increased by 22.54% to 21.24 lakh tonnes at the end of August, the same India's August Palm oil imports increased by 3.87% to 11.28 lakh tonnes in September, while palm oil exports from Malaysia have weakened by 9% to 12% in the month of September, the current fundamentals of Malaysia palm oil are weak, no major uptick is visible. Excess stocks of edible oils with both exporting and importing countries have slowed down trade. There is good demand for palm oil in the Indian market but supply exceeds demand, hence there is pressure on prices.

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