Delhi Sport Market 26 Dec 2015 CuSd : 387 CuArm : 364 CstNgRod : 385 CCRod : 393 Aling : 126 AL : 114 Pujra : 104 Znslb : 139 Pbsoft : 115.25 pbhard : 115.25 Tin : 1160 NiCt : 705 Buts : 270 NiInco : 830 MsScrp : 20800 Mslngt : 24300 SBITT : Mumbai Sport Market 21 Apr 2014 CblScp : 490 CuHScp : 480 CuArmmum : CuUtScp : CuSCt : CuWB : ButScp : BSCt : AlutScp : AlIngmum : ZnSlbmum : PbIng : SnSlb : NiCtmum :


The significance of Commodities trade in India has been there since the human journey started, arguably. However, the understanding of commodities market and the way it functions are still beyond the easy grasp of common people. Thus to trade in commodities requires a proper hand holding and honest guidance.

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